In 1997 the group of companies BOLLEMANN S.A. made a major business breakthrough resulting in increased revenues and profits. This generated an unprecedented enthusiasm among management, employees, customers and investors.
At the same time the success put a monumental pressures on the company's infrastructure. More sales mean increased demands on inventory, order fulfillment and customer service. New pressures also create unforeseen challenges to find creative and sustained solutions, the operations are stretched to the limit. To avoid coming up against limits that could slow or even reverse the initial gains, BOLLEMANN S.A needs to revise its operational capacity, to continue as a fast-growing company.

During the last year we continuously monitored factors that could limit our growth. Even if the BOLLEMANN S.A. posts unprecedented sales numbers, profits listed on the financial statement do not translate into immediately available cash. If we would continue the do business same way our working capital requirements will exceed our current financing plans.

In order to remain competitive, I am investigating on how to manage financials at the next level of growth and pull BOLLEMANN S.A. toward a long-range vision. I am also investigating on how to facilitate and focus the transition process.

BOLLEMANN S.A. developed and maintains several computer generated forecasts:

with comprehensive perspective for measuring capital availability and needs. We also monitor the amount of cash tied up in accounts receivable.
In our market one of the biggest problems with growth is that there is a time delay between when a sale is made and when the customer actually pays for it. Meanwhile, suppliers are expecting their payments or asking for it in advance, the import VAT and profit taxes has to be paid also in advance. BOLLEMANN S.A. does everything we can to strike a balance between these variables. If possible, we negotiate longer payment terms with the suppliers (45, 60, even 90 days), and encourage customers to early payment by offering discounts for payment within ten days.
We are also considering the possibility of reducing the number of suppliers, "Just-in-time" inventory and "preferred supplier" programs.

Our customers and prospects perceive our product as being of the highest quality but high priced. Even if we highlight the advanced features of our products this features are not yet considered important for our market.

BOLLEMANN S.A. could help new partners exploit global opportunities and expand international distribution, an overall system grows in size and complexity increasing lateral efficiency and effectiveness.

As a proactive organisation, BOLLEMANN S.A. is regularly interacting with individuals involved in the furniture and constructions business community and government to increase the chances of spotting the trends that forecast the needs for new products.

BOLLEMANN S.A. has a systematic monitoring process of gathering, analysing and synthesising relevant data across the construction and furniture industry, technology, and regulatory changes. We can get sales to capture your potential in the markets we are present. The proximity to the event allows more timely and more accurate decisions to be made on the spot.

Information Technology is the driving force that is simultaneously creating the new world economy and making its parts more and more powerful. BOLLEMANN S.A. has a complex product tracking system to the delivery end with sales information, strategic forecast and scenario management. We can extend this system to include the manufacturing end and create a single worldwide network of information with common access:

As a strategic international selling partner, fluent in many languages, BOLLEMANN S.A. could help with customer friendly translations and addresses the essential components of replenishment order buying for wholesale:

buying for promotions, forward buying, and other special-order needs.

Please contact us to start doing business together.

The President.

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